What Paint do we Use?

At Painty® we are proud to support UK manufacturers and we get our paint direct from one based in Coalville, Leicestershire.

Calder Colours is a leading art materials company, supplying retail and wholesale sectors. They specialise in bespoke fine art services and bulk requirements and have been our preferred supplier of Ocaldo free flow acrylic for the last 18 months. Following a factory visit (where we got to see the paint being made and even an exciting look in the development lab) we asked Hannah from Calder Colours if she could tell us a bit more about the paint we’re using for our events…

Well known for their economic price and excellent brushing qualities, our colour chemists at Calder Colours have decided to give Ocaldo Flow Formula Acrylic makeover… so what is this lift, nip and tuck I hear you say?
1) Industry Emulsion Improvements
Unlike Watercolours and Oil colour which have been around for hundreds of years, acrylics are fairly new on the painting scene, consequently there are improvements happening all of the time. Our suppliers have been busily developing emulsion materials which are the base for acrylics.
With the new emulsions we have improved our Ocaldo Acrylics and produced a versatile range capable of being thickened up with medium and applied like oil colour, or thinned down to the delicate washes of watercolour. The new emulsion allows mediums to mix easily meaning matt, gloss or iridescent finishes can be achieved.
2) Core Shell Technology
Our new emulsion incorporates ‘Core shell Technology’ which in laymans terms means that a hard acrylic is wrapped in soft acrylic.
The soft acrylic allows the paint to have good brushing properties and blending capability. It also means that the acrylic can begin to dry at a lower temperature, perfect for outdoor artists! (a quick spray with water or unlocking formulation will keep it open for longer). The hard acrylic component gives the acrylic longevity and has better scuff and wear resistance.
3) Improved Colour Range!
Alongside our new Acrylic makeover we have been re-formulating with cleaner, brighter, single pigments. Ensuring you benefit from the better blending properties and the purity of using one pigment.
We are pleased to say that due to this new emulsion we have been able to extend our range to include more metallic and fluorescent colours. Excellent news for the experimental artists among you!
4) Preservative and VOC Content
We have been making steps to ensure that all of our paint and glue ranges comply to the EU legislation concerning preservatives. All art materials need a little bit of preservative and we have made sure that ours contain just the right amount!
Previously our acrylics contained low volumes of volatile solvents which helped the drying process. Our new emulsion has no VOC additives, which is better for the artist and the environment.
So in conclusion, ….  our Flow Formula Acrylic range has been revamped to give our artists an even better reason to keep using our acrylics. We will continue to make use of the industry developments as it becomes available to improve one of our most popular ranges!
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