Join the other venues out there who are already taking advantage of this hot new trend.

A Painty event typically brings 20 people into your venue on a slow night of the week to paint, eat, and drink. We’ll transform your empty, unused space into a regular event full of painting (and paying) customers, at no charge to you. There is no mess – we use non-toxic, acrylic paints that can easily be cleaned with water and a cloth.


What can you expect?

Painty events usually take about 2 hours – starting at 7pm (but times are flexible).

We will arrive about an hour before the event to set up and stay afterwards to clean up (usually about half an hour).

Drinks and a meal per person x20 covers – expected revenue for you. (food to be negotiated per venue)

Exposure to a new customer base on a usually quiet night of the week.


What we need to run the event:

20 chairs and table space to support 20 people- however we want the tables clear of all condiments and candles, vases of flowers etc. (We put down disposable table cloths to protect the tables).

Jugs of water– will be used to fill the plastic cups that we provide for washing brushes.

Waiting Staff: The bar bill will be higher if you have proactive staff filtering through the event picking up empty glasses and asking people for refills.

In the interests of not disturbing other diners, it’s best if we are separated from any non-Painty customers. A dedicated function room isn’t necessary though.

Lighting: We need good light for painting, please turn up the lights!


What’s needed to start promoting:

A start date: 4-6 weeks out is what we will need to promote the event properly. The more time, the bigger the crowd for the first event.

A regular commitment: We prefer that venues host us on a regular basis. We’re happy to let you try us once, but if it goes well we would like you to have us back as often as possible!

A commitment to help promote the events by putting up our posters and featuring us on your website etc. More people are likely to sign up if we can send out joint marketing via your website, social media and email bulletins. A logo, images and write up about your venue would be good too (we can usually grab this from your website, but it’s better if you provide it to us).


Get in touch now to partner!

Please send us a short message to and we will try to answer your query as soon as possible.